Afro-Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra, op.50a

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Maki Ishii

General Info

Year: 1982
Duration: c.20'
Difficulty: (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: Moeck
Cost: Score and Parts - $0.00   |   Score Only - $0.00



1. Marimba, barafono 2. Drums, etc.; with orchestra

Program Notes

premiere: 1982 NHK Symphony Orchestra, Hiroyiki Iwaki, director, Kazumori Momose & Takako Yamaguchi, soloists

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Works for Percussion by this Composer

Afro-Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra, op.50a - Multiple Percussion Duo; Orchestra
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Concerto M-2000 - Marimba; Orchestra
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Elegie für Yokobue und Schlagzeug, op.65 - Percussion Trio
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Hiten-Seido II, op.55 - Marimba Duet
Hiten-Seido III, op.75 - Marimba
Kaguyahime (Die nachglänzende Prinzessin), op.56b - Percussion Ensemble(16)
Kaguyahime (Die nachglänzende Prinzessin), Symphonic Suite for Percussion Ensemble, op.56 - Percussion Ensemble(16)
Kaleidophone, op.97 - Percussion Trio
Klavierstnck für Pianist und Schlagzeuger, Op.12 - Multiple Percussion; Piano
Ko Kû (The Void), op.74 - Percussion Sextet
Kumano Fudaraku, op.42 - Percussion Duo; Tape; Voice
Kyô-sô, op.14 - Percussion Sextet; Orchestra
Marimbastück mit zwei Schlagzeugern, Op. 16 - Marimba; Percussion Duo
Monochrome, op.28 - Multiple Percussion
Mono-Prism II, op.65 - Multiple Percussion
Mono-Prism, op.29 - Percussion Septet; Orchestra
Omote, op.35 - Multiple Percussion; Tape; Noh
Percussion Concerto - SouthòFireòSummer, op.95 - Multiple Percussion; Orchestra
Saidôki (Demon), op.86 - Multiple Percussion; Orchestra
Search in Gray, op.37 - Multiple Percussion; Tape
Sen-Ten, op.20 - Multiple Percussion; Tape
Thirteen Drums, op.66 - Multiple Percussion

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