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Andy Akiho

General Info

Year: 2006
Duration: c. 8:00
Difficulty: (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: Aki Rhythm Press
Cost: Score and Parts - $15.00   |   Score Only - $0.00



Tenor Pan

Program Notes

Aka was originally written for a chamber group that I was in called Joubala, with an orchestration for alto sax, West African balifon, steel pan, guitar, bass guitar, percussion, and drumset. This version is the solo version for the tenor steel pan.

Other versions available:
Combo Version - Pan, Cello, Bass, Drums (any combination)
Sinfonietta Version - Pan, Jazz Combo & Sinfonietta
Any combination of parts available upon request (all will work with pan part):
​String Quartet, Cello, Bass, Drums, Harp, Piano.




Commercial Discography

Online Recordings

Recent Performances

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Works for Percussion by this Composer

21 (Steel Pan or Marimba, + Cello Version) - Marimba, Cello
Aka - Tenor Pan
Beneath Lighted Coffers - Steel Pan, Orchestra
Daidai Iro - Tenor Pan
Deciduous - Steel Pan, Violin
Hadairo (Beige) - Tenor Pan
Hip-hopracy - Percussion Nonet
I Fallen Two - Steel Pan, String Quartet
Intuition Expectation - Marimba, Trumpet
Ligneous 1 - Marimba, String Quartet
Ligneous 2 - Marimba, String Quartet
Ligneous 3 - Marimba, String Quartet
Macqueripe - Tenor Pan
Momo Iro - Tenor Pan
Murasaki (Purple) - Tenor Pan
Omnipresent - Tenor Pan
Phatamachickenlick - Percussion Duo Snare Drum Duo
Stop Speaking - Snare Drum, Digital Playback

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