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'''Year''': <br /-->
'''Year''': <br /-->
'''Duration''':  c. <br /-->
'''Duration''':  c. 2:15 <br /-->
'''Difficulty''':  (see [[Ratings]] for explanation)<br /-->
'''Difficulty''':  (see [[Ratings]] for explanation)<br /-->
'''Publisher''': [[Rubank]]<br /-->
'''Publisher''': [[Cole]]<br /-->
'''Cost''': Score and Parts - $0.00 &nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp;&nbsp; Score Only - $0.00<br /-->
'''Cost''': Score and Parts - $0.00 &nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp;&nbsp; Score Only - $0.00<br /-->
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== Instrumentation ==
== Instrumentation ==
[[Snare Drum]]<br>  
Player I: [[Snare Drum]]<br>  
Player II: Snare Drum<br>
Player III: Snare Drum<br>
Player IV: [[Cymbals]]<br>
Player V: [[Bass Drum]]<br> 
<!--for copying and pasting  
<!--for copying and pasting  

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Haskell Harr

General Info

Duration: c. 2:15
Difficulty: (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: Cole
Cost: Score and Parts - $0.00   |   Score Only - $0.00



Player I: Snare Drum
Player II: Snare Drum
Player III: Snare Drum
Player IV: Cymbals
Player V: Bass Drum

Program Notes

Commercial Discography

Recent Performances

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Works for Percussion by this Composer

Aquamarine - Snare Drum
Black Cat Quintette - Percussion Quintet
Bob Buggert (Bass) - Bass Drum
Bob Buggert (Snare) - Snare Drum
Bunker Hill - Timpani
Challenger - Snare Drum; Piano
Chesapeake - Percussion Duo
Colonel Irons - Percussion Quintet
Cuckoo Quickstep - Timpani
Double Drummin' - Percussion Duo
Duo for Drums - Percussion Duo; Piano
First and Second Thirteen Rudiments - Snare Drum
Flying Sticks - Percussion Quartet Piano
Harr Intermediate Xylophone-Marimba Solos - Xylophone
Jerry and Terry - Percussion Duo; Piano
Jumbo's Holiday - Bass Drum; Piano
Lexington - Percussion Duo
Lieutenant Donna - Percussion Quintet
Medley of 6/8 Rhythm - Snare Drum
Method for Tympani - Method Book; Timpani
Mr. Boom-Boom - Bass Drum; Piano
Newport (Solo) - Timpani
Newport (Ensemble) - Percussion Quintet
Nine Complete Drum Solos - Snare Drum
Peter Gruber - Snare Drum
Rataplan - Percussion Trio
Saratoga - Percussion Duo
Simplified Drum Solos - Snare Drum; Piano
Susquehanna - Percussion Duo
Tapology - Snare Drum
The Commodore - Snare Drum; Piano
The Downfall of Paris (Harr) - Timpani; Piano
The Downfall of Paris (Ensemble) - Percussion Sextet; Piano
The Elmhurst Quintet - Percussion Quintet
The Four Hundred (Timpani) - Timpani; Piano
The Four-Hundred (Snare Drum) - Snare Drum; Piano
The Glenwood Boy (Snare Drum) - Snare Drum
The Glenwood Boy (Timpani) - Timpani
The Green Diamond (Timpani - Timpani; Piano
The Green Diamond (Snare Drum) - Snare Drum; Piano
The Harvey Quintet - Percussion Quintet
The Twenty-six - Snare Drum
Ticonderoga - Percussion Trio
Tourmaline - Snare Drum
Trio for Percussion (Harr) - Percussion Trio
Turquoise - Snare Drum
Vally Forge - Percussion Quartet
Van Grad - Snare Drum

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