Concerto No. 1 for Marimba (Gillingham)

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David Gillingham

General Info

Subtitle: Gate to Heaven
Year of Publication: 1998
Publisher: C. Alan Publications
Difficulty: Intermediate
Cost: $75.00



4.5-Octave Marimba

Percussion Ensemble

Player 1: Xylophone & Glockenspiel & Chimes
Player 2: Vibraphone & Crotales
Player 3: Vibraphone
Player 4: 4.0-Octave Marimba
Player 5: 4.3-Octave Marimba
Player 6: 5.0-Octave Marimba
Player 7: Brake Drum & Cowbell & Shaker & Bass Drum & Suspended Cymbal & Gong & Temple Blocks & 2 Concert Tom-toms
Player 8: Multi-Drums & Crash Cymbals & Hi Hat & Triangle


Gate to Heaven: Concerto No. 1 for Marimba by David Gillingham is a 9 player piece for solo marimba and percussion ensemble that captures the scenes before one dies and begins their journey to heaven. The segments in this singular piece are Remission, Reflection and Redemption. All pieces are distinct - some parts are slow, some are intense, and all movements encompass some beautiful runs. Difficult rhythms and technical requirements are in each player's part, so players must be able to execute them with extreme precision.

Recent Performance

Part 1

Part 2

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