Concerto for Marimba and Band (Maslanka)

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David Maslanka

General Info

Year of Published: 1990
Publisher: Maslanka Press
Duration: 00:20:00
Commissioner: The United States Air Force Band





Woodwinds: Piccolo & 3 Flute & 2 Oboe (2nd doubles English Horn) & Soprano Clarinet & 3 Clarinet & Bass Clarinet & Contrabass Clarinet & 2 Bassoon & Contrabassoon & 2 Alto Saxophone & Tenor Saxophone & Baritone Saxophone
Brass: 4 French Horn & 3 Cornet & 2 Trumpet & 2 Trombone & Bass Trombone & 2 Euphonium & 2 Tuba
Strings: 3 Cello & Double Bass & Harp
Percussion: Timpani & Glockenspiel & Xylophone & Vibraphone & Chimes & Crotales & Snare Drum & Bass Drum & 2 Tom-toms & Bongos & Crash Cymbals & 3 Large Suspended Cymbal & Medium Gong & Sleigh Bells & Tam-tam & Ratchet

Program Note

This piece has more the nature of a fantasia than a classical concerto. It is in two large halves, the first very quiet and serene, devoted to rhapsodic melody and transparent textures, and the second starting with a huge dynamic build up and then moving through a relatively brief spurt of fast and fierce music before settling to a quiet and transcendent close.

Premiere Details

Date: 8 November, 1990
Ensemble: United States Air Force Band
Conductor: Steven Grime
Soloist: Randall Eyles
Event: Percussive Arts Society Convention in Philadelphia, PA.

Notes for performers

This concerto was scored for the specific forces of the U.S. Air Force Band. The Air Force Band features three cellos. The cello sound is important to this score but the parts have been cued into other instruments for the convenience of bands that do not have cellos available to them. This concerto was written for a five-octave marimba. Passages using the low octave may be adapted for smaller instruments. No amplification is needed for the marimba. The solo marimba part has been edited by Randall Eyles.

Recent Performance

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