Concerto for Marimba and Chamber Orchestra (Bodine)

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G. Bradley Bodine

General Info

Year: 1993
Duration: c.
Difficulty: (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: G. Bradley Bodine
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Program Notes

Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra was commissioned by the American marimbist, Drew Lang. Mr. Lang premiered the work at the prestigious International Festival Institute at Round Top under the direction of Edwin Outwater.

The opening movement of the three-movement composition is cast in double exposition form with a cadenza before the recapitulation. After a short introduction, the marimbist plays the first and second themes in succession. The trumpet and flute pick up the next statement of the first theme. The marimbist answers by completing the statement of the theme begun by the trumpet and flute. The dialogue between the orchestra and the soloist continues throughout the statement of the second theme as a codetta ends the exposition. The dialogue between orchestra and soloist continues throughout the development section. Eventually, the virtuoso marimbist breaks into thirty-second note runs against a background of motives from the first theme. The development section continues with the kaleidoscopic development of both themes. Eventually, the orchestra takes over with a powerful crescendo. The marimba cadenza leads to the recapitulation.

The second movement is cast in a rondo song form: a-b-a (inversion)-b (inversion)-c-c (retrograde)-b (retrograde-inversion)-a. The marimbist plays rolled chords throughout the movement. The orchestration of this movement is particularly subtle and colorful.

The finale movement of this concerto is cast in a sonata-rondo form: a - b - a - development - b - a - coda. The development section of this final movement develops materials from both of the preceding movements and thus creates a cyclic form for the work. For the climax of the movement, the main theme of the preceding movement is presented in the form of African-based rhythmic structures.




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