Concerto for Marimba and Choir with Percussion

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Gene Koshinski

General Info

Year of Published: 2010
Publisher: Bachovich Music Publications
Difficulty: Professional
Cost:$50.00 <br/>


Introduction: Shout!
I. Layers
II. Memento
III. Strike





Player 1: Vibraphone
Player 2: 4 Concert Tom-Toms & Suspended Cymbal & Gliss Gong & Glass Wind Chimes & Pod Rattles
Player 3: Concert Bass Drum & 4 Woodblock & 2 Brake Drum & Guiro & Crotales


SATB Choir


Drumming and singing are without a doubt some of the oldest musical traditions in the world. As far back as I can remember I have always had an affinity for both of these practices, both of which are musical rituals that are a part of each and every one of my days. For a long time I had wanted to compose a work that combines these two art forms in just the right way. It was after several years of drafts that the work finally came to fruition in the fall of 2010. Concerto for Marimba and Choir with Percussion (scored for marimba soloist, 3 percussion, and choir) showcases the vibrant sound and versatility of the marimba while combining the two ancient art forms of drumming and singing, all viewed through a contemporary lens. The work functions just as other concerti, but with the exception of utilizing choir in place of an orchestra. The piece is in a standard three-movement concerto format with the addition of a brief introduction, which presents the main material heard throughout the work. Much of the musical vocabulary used throughout the concerto stems from the opening three-note motive heard in the altos (Eb, D, F#).

Premiere Details

Marimba Soloist: Gene Koshinski
Percussionist: Jianpeng Feng, Brett Jones and Jeremy Craycraf
Choir: University of Minnesota Duluth Concert Chorale and University Singers
Conductor: Tina Thielen-Gaffey
Place: University of Minnesota Duluth - Weber Hall
Date: March 6, 2011

Recent Performance

Premiere Performance

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