Djinn: Concerto for Solo Marimba & Chamber Orchestra

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John Psathas

General Info

Year of Published: 2009
Publisher: Promethean Editions
Duration: 00:20:00


Movement 1: Pandora
Movement 2: Labyrinth
Movement 3: Out-Dreaming the Genie


Soloist: Marimba


Flute (optional)
Strings: Violin 1 & Violin 2 & Viola & Cello & Double Bass
Percussion 1: Finger Cymbal & Triangle & Daff (no bangles), Waterphone & [[Spring drum, Very small concert Tom-tom & Splash cymbal & Suspended Cymbal (medium-large)
Percussion 2: Djembe & Crotales & Finger cymbal & Suspended cymbal (medium-large) & Bass drum & Metal Wind Chimes & Glockenspiel & Whip & Splash Cymbal
Percussion 3: Finger cymbal & Suspended cymbal (medium-large), Bass drum, Metal wind chimes & Glockenspiel & Triangle & Mark tree & 4 Japanese singing bowls (ascending C#/Db, D#/Eb, E#/F, G#/Ab) & Splash Cymbal & Tubular bells & very large Tam-tam


Djinn is a concerto for marimba and a chamber orchestra made up of strings, harp and percussion. It was written for, and inspired by Pedro Carneiro. The funding for the commission was provided by Creative New Zealand. The premiere consisted of three performances in New Zealand with Marc Taddei conducting all three. The performances were with Orchestra Wellington - who drove the commission and the project - the Auckland Philharmonia, and the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra.

Recent Performance

Cristiano Rios ESML Symphonic Orchestra dir Vasco Azevedo
Pedro Carneiro, Marc Taddei, Auckland Philharmonia

Works for Percussion by this Composer

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