Drum Class Method, Volume 1

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Alyn Heim

General Info

Subtitle: Effectively Presenting the Rudiments of Drumming and the Reading of Music
Year of Published: 1986
Publisher: Belwin-Mills Publishing Corporation
Difficulty: Elementary
ISBN: 978-0-7692-3375-8


The Heim books effectively present the rudiments of drumming and the reading of music both for individual and class instruction.


Snare Drum


This is a method for the drum class. It effectively presents the rudiments of drumming and the reading of music in a manner and at a pace designed to accommodate the specific needs of group instruction. Each technique or rudiment is introduced by a rote Drill, developed through a reading Exercise and refined by a Solo performance that stimulates interest and challenges each member of the group. This new method contains fresh ideas that will be welcomed by the class drum teacher. In Book 1 the "free-bounce" approach to rolls is introduced and developed with explanations to both teacher and student. A full section is devoted to six-eight time using a method that enables the student to the learn the rhythm "in-two" from the beginning. Book 2 begins with sixteenth notes and progresses to some of the more advanced rudiments and reading material. More than half of each book is devoted to appealing solo material which is designed to develop the student by encouraging enthusiastic practice.

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