Fifth Simfony

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Lou Harrison

General Info

Year: 1939
Duration: c. 16'
Difficulty: 4 (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: Warner/Chappell Music
Cost: Score and Parts - $12.95


I. Vigorous
II. Slow and dramatic
III. Brisk


Player I: small- triangle, suspended cymbal, bell, woodblock, maracas, suspended gong, sistrum, muted gong, high tom-tom, snare drum
Player II: medium- triangle, suspended cymbal, bell, temple block, suspended gong, muted gong, tom-tom, large maracas, large sistrum
Player III: large- suspended cymbal, bell, temple block, suspended gong, muted gong, tom-tom
Player IV: very large- bell, thunder sheet, muted gong, bass drum, suspended gong


None discovered thus far.

Program Notes


Commercial Discography

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Works for Percussion by this Composer

A Tribute to Charon (Passage throught Darkness/Counterdance in Spring) - Percussion Trio
Ariadne - Solo Percussion and Flute acc.
Beverly's Troubadour Piece - Percussion and Harp
Bomba (Harrison) - Percussion Quintet
Canticle No. 1 - Percussion Quintet
Canticle No. 3 - Percussion Quartet; Ocarina; Guitar (6 Players)
Concerto for Organ with Percussion Orchestra - Percussion Octet; Organ, Piano
Concerto for Violin and Percussion Orchestra - Percussion Quintet, Violin
Double Fanfare - Percussion Ensemble 12 - Harrison/Cirone
Double Music - Percussion Quartet - Cage/Harrison
Fifth Simfony - Percussion Quartet
First Concerto - Percussion Duo and Flute
Fugue - Percussion Quartet
In Praise of Johnny Appleseed (for Dance and Percussion) - Percussion Trio; Flute; Dancer
Labyrinth No. 3 - Percussion Ensemble (11)
Orpheus - for the Singer to the Dance - Percussion Ensemble (15); Solo Voice; Chorus
Serenade - Percussion; Guitar
Simfony No. 13 - Percussion Quartet
Suite - Percussion Quintet
Suite No. 1 - Percussion; Guitar
The Drums of Orpheus - from the ballet "Orpheus"
The Song of Queztecoatl - Percussion Quartet

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