Four Mallet Marimba Playing:A Musical Approach for All Levels

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Nancy Zeltsman

General Info

Year: 2003
Edition: 1st Edition
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Cost: Book Cost - $19.95   |   Supplemental Books - $0.00


Zeltsman, Nancy. Four Mallet Marimba Playing: A Musical Approach for All Levels. Hal Leonard Corporation, 2003.

This book has an influence of Morris Goldenberg’s Modern School for Xylophone, Marimba, Vibraphone, but it centers around the four-mallet technique instead of two mallets. It is for beginners and intermediate players who need practice coordinating different configurations of notes and there is difficult music in the back. The book is written in an easy to hard order and it is recommended that the student study this book with a teacher. There is a lot of explanations, pictures, and music in this book.


Table of Contents
Section One- Basics
Choosing Mallets
Traditional Four-Mallet Grip
Basic Beating Spots
Basic Strokes and Tone Production
Basic of Four-Mallet Stickings
Basic Rolls
Learning the Keyboard Layout
Basic of Good Rhythm and “Feel”
Basic of Good Phrasing
How to Practice
Section Two- 50 Short Four Mallet Studies
Section Three- Refinements
Refining Strokes and Tone Production
Relationship of Sticking Choices to Phrasing
Refining Rolls
One-Handed Rolls
Refining Mallet Selection
Building a Personal Repertoire
How to Practice
Section Four- 18 Intermediate-to-Advanced Adapted Solos
Climbing Mountain by Mason Daring
Maybe by Jean Hasse
Bow Bells by Jean Hasse
Allegro by Anonymous
Sarabande by George Frederick Handel
Allegretto by Anonymous
Solfeggietto by Carl Phillipp Emanuel Bach
Danses de Travers No. 1 by Erik Satie
The Snow is Dancing by Claude Debussy
For Susanna Kyle by Leonard Bernstein
Prelude, Op. 28, No. 15 by Frederic Chopin
Los Paraguas by Federico Chueca
Bagatelle No. 4, Op. 126 by Ludwig van Beethoven
Morning Glory by Duke Ellington
Quincy by David Friedman
Wallflower by Dan Trueman
A La Orilla de un Palmar
Ragamuffin by Michael Hedges
Section Five- Advanced Solos and Chamber Music: Excerpts and Commentary
Three Moves for Marimba by Paul Lansky
See Ya Thursday by Steven Mackey
Merlin by Andrew Thomas
Works for Violin and Marimba:
Threedance (+ tabla/triangle) by Robert Aldridge
Phantasmata by Gunther Schuller
Tumblers (+ computer) by Alejandro Vinao
About the Author


Student Reviews

I think this book is great because of all the explaining she does. She tells you how to practice, how to hold the mallets correctly, and goes over all the scales and the circle of fifths. There are exercises that work on dynamics of each hand, intervals, and phrasing. This book is just very long and full of useful information. I don’t think anyone could go wrong by owning this book. Plus, Nancy Zeltsman is a very famous marimba soloist and has an influence on marimba music today, so learning how she plays and teaches can only help someone get better.
Rating: I
Review by Ashley Feist


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Zeltsman, Nancy. Four Mallet Marimba Playing:A Musical Approach for All Levels. Milwaukee WI.: Hal Leonard Corporation, 2003.

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