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Composer Name

Contact Information

Website: http://www.halleonard.com/


Phone: 414-774-3630

7777 W. Bluemound Rd.
Milwaukee WI 53213

Publishers Information

Imprints Held

.357 Publishing
1/2 Bouldin, 1/2 Ince
21st Century Publications
A B C Dunhill Music
Acuff-Rose Music, Inc.
Addax Music Co.
Ah Rollins
Alameda Music Company
Alan Stanton Productions
All My Children Music
Aller/Esty Music (partial)
Alley Music Corp.
American Broadcasting Music
Amphion (France)
Amyzoo Music (partial)
Andromeda Music
Arc Music Corp.
Arko Music Corp.
Ashley Dealer Service, In
Associated Music Publishers
ATV Music
ATV Music Group
Baledat Music
Band Music Press
Barwin Music Co., Inc.
Beacon Music
Beechwood Music Corp.
Berklee Press
Bernard Stein Music
Bettis House Music
Bienstock Publishing Co.
Big Groovy Music
Black Bull Music, Inc.
Blackwood Music Compa
BMG Songs
Bobette Music
Bobkins Music (partial)
Bonaire Communications
Boosey & Hawkes, Inc.
Bote & Bock
Bouillabaisse Music
Brampton Music Inc.
Brenda K Publishing
Brighton Music Corp.
Broken Homes
Bruin Music Co.
Buzzard Rock Music
Cadillac Pink Music, Inc.
Can O'Corn Music
Canadian Brass Publications
Carbert Music, Inc.
Carlanita Music Company
Cases Music
C'est Music
Cherio Corp.
Cherry Lane Music
Claridge Music Co.
Colgems-EMI Music Inc.
Conley Music Corp.
Conrad Music
Croce Publishing
Cross Keys Publishing Co., Inc.
Crystal Eyes (partial)
Cut Music
D.C. Publications
Dal Cuore Music
Davand Music (partial)
David Rose Publishing Co.
Deluxe Pty., Ltd.
Desilu Music Corp.
Doctor Licks
Don Music
Doors Music Company
Doubletime Ltd.
Durand S.A. (France)
E.C. Kerby Ltd.
Editio Musica Budapest (Hungar
Editions Delphine
Editions Dura
Editions Max Eschig (France)
Editions Rideau Rouge (France)
Editions Salabert
Edward B. Marks Music (sales)
Edwin H. Morris & Company
EMI April Music Inc.
EMI Blackwood Music, Inc.
Ensign Music
Ensign Music Corp.
Entertainment Associates, Inc.
Epic/Solar Songs Inc.
F.E.C. Leuckart
Faber Music, Ltd. (UK) (partial sales)
Famous Music
Famous Music Corp.
Farren Square Music

Fat Jack the Second Music
Fennica Gehrm
First Priority Music
Fleedleleedle Music
Flip 'N' Dog Music
Fontaine Music Corp.
Fort Knox Music, Inc.
Frank Music Corp.
Frankly Scarlet Music
Freddy Bienstock Music Co.
G P I Publications
G. Henle Verlag br>x G. Ricordi & Co. (Italy, Paris) (sales)
G. Schirmer Inc.
George M. Cohan Music
Gibb Brothers Music
Glenwood Music Corp.
Golden Opportunity Music
Grand Illusion Music
Guitarlos, Ltd.
Gun House Music
Guzzler Music
Hal Leonard Corporation
Halesouth Ltd.
Harvest Gold Music
Harwin Music Corp.
Hawaii Music
Heavy Music
Hebu Music (partial)
Herald Square Music Inc.
Hightop Music
Hudson Bay Music
Infinity Music International
Irving Berlin Music Corp.
It's a Gonna Rain Music
J J C Music
J. Curwen & Sons, Ltd. (UK)
J.D. Martin Music
Jackie 4 Music
Jacktone Music Corp.
Jason Scheff Music
Jenn-a-Bug Music (partial)
Jerryco Music Co.
Jessie Jo Music
Jewel Music Publishing Co., Inc.
Jobete Music Co., Inc.
John Scott Music (partial)
Jondon Publishing (partial)
Jonico Music, Inc.
Josef Weinberger Ltd. (U
Judson Spence Music (partial)
Jump and Shoot Productions (New Edition works only)
Juters Music
Kansas by the Sea Music (partial)
Kashif Music (partial)
Kenyon Publications
Kittus Corp.
K-Man Corp.
L D J N Music
LaAdeline Music, Inc.
Le Troop-E Music
Lee Mendelson Film Productions
Lee Roberts Publications
Lehsem Music, LLC
Leighton Music (partial)
Len-Tom Music
Lil Mama Music
Limited Funds
Lion Music
Little Tanya Music (partial)
Llee Corp.
Low Key Music
Lynneliese Music
Mandy Music
Manitou Music (Canada)
Matak Music
Mayday Music Corp.
McCartney Publications Ltd. (MPL)
McNally Music Pub. (partial)
Mercy Kersey Music
Meredith Willson Music
Mike Meth Music
Mike Stoller Music
Milene Music, Inc.
Miserable Melodies (partial)
Monkeys, Dogs, Cattle Ltd.
Moo Maison
Mood Music Company, Inc.
Mooka Music (partial)
Moonhead Music
Moonwalk Music
Morley Music Co.
Muldoon Music (partial)
Music & Media International, Inc.
Music & Repairs
Musicor Music

Musikverlage Hans Sikorski
Mygag Music
N.Y.M. Music (partial)
Nelana Music
New Music Group (partial)
No Pain No Gain
Northern Music Company
Novus Via Music Gr
Octave Music Publishing
Pagchten Music (partial)
Painted Desert Music Corp.
Palomino Blue Music
Pannin' Gold Music
Paramount Music Corp.
Patchwork Music
Peer International Corp.
Peermusic III, Lt
Perk's Music
Pickwick Music Corp.
Piedmont Music Company
Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne (partial)
Pomus Songs, In
Portrait Songs Inc.
Portrait/Solar Songs Inc.
Quartet Music, Inc.
R E H Publications
R.C.B Songs Inc. (partial)
Raha Music
Range Road Music, Inc.
Ready for the World Music
Red Angus Music
Regent Music Corp.
Remsen Music Corp.
Rickim Music Pub. Ltd. (partial)
Rithmetic Music
River House Music
Rob Reno Music (partial)
Robert Buziak Inc.
Rowdy Boy Music (partial)
Rub Songs Publishing (partial)
Rubank Publications
Rytvoc Corp.
S.A. Music Co.
Sac-Boy Music
SBK Entertainments
Scarsdale Music Corp.
Schroeder & Gunther
Screen Gems-EMI Music Inc.
Semper Fi
Seph Music
Serei Music (partial)
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc.
Shawnee Press, Inc.
Shoi Shoi Music
Short Order Music
Skeek Music
Skidmore Music Co. Inc.
Slik Star
Snoody Tunes
Songs of Peer, Ltd.
Songs Unreel (partial)
Sonhen Music
Sony Songs Inc.
Sony Tunes Inc.
Southern Music Publishing Co., In
Soviet Music (VAAP)
Spaghetti Western Music
Springhouse Music, Inc.
Star Licks
Stark Raving Music
Static Line Music
Stecher & Horowitz
Stephanie Mills Starlite Music
Steuland Morris Music
Stone Diamond Music Corp.
Streamline Moderne (partial)
Sugar Melodi, Inc.
Sugar Song Publications Inc.
Sugarmusic Canada Ltd.
Sunflower Music, Inc.
Sunset Burgundy Inc.
Sweet Angel Music (partial)
Sweet Silence Music (partial)
Sylvia Music
Synergistic Music
Techno-Pinnochio Music
The Goodman Group
Thriller Miller Music
Timber Publishing Co., Inc.
Time in a Bott
Tol Muziek
Top Billin' Music
Tree Publishing Co., Inc.
Trio Music Company

Trusty Boots
Tu Tu Songs
Twist Party International
Two Beat Music Corp.
Uncle Oscar's Music (partial)
Vale Dafe Music (partial)
Valley Music Ltd.
Vera Dogwood Music, Inc.
Vic's Slic Music
Vinyl Child Music
Virgin Music
Walk on Moon Music
Walt Disney Music Co.
Warock Corp.
Watercolor Music
Whale Music Co.
Wholemeal Music Corp. (partial)
Williamson Music Co.
Winmor Music, Inc.
Wren Music Co.
Young Millionaires Club Music
Your Favorite Music (partial)
Zen-on (performance catalogue
Zubaidah Music (partial)[1]