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Haskell Harr


Born: June 27, 1894

Died: September 24, 1986, Glendora, California

Country: Baraboo, Wisconsin, U.S.A.


Teachers: Roy Knapp, George H. Green

Mention: Inducted into the Percussive Arts Society "Hall of Fame" (1972)

PAS Hall of Fame member Haskell Harr may be best remembered as the author of the popular elementary drum methods, but he was also an active performer and educator throughout his long career.

Harr began playing music at the age of thirteen and was soon working with local bands and combos. He formed The Haskell Novelty Trio with a saxophonist and pianist, and the group performed frequently on radio and in the theaters. A Chicago area reviewer described Harr as a wizard on the xylophone, comparing his playing to George Hamilton Green, Homer Chaffee, Frisco, Shutts, and all the leading exponents of this instrument.

In 1933 Harr played at the Chicago World's Fair, where he accompanied the famous Sally Rand during her 'fan dance.' At the end of each performance, Rand would wave to the audience from the stage curtain, where she would lean on Harr's xylophone. Harr had placed a small towel on this spot so the dancer wouldn't get chilled, and she responded with an autograph, 'Hurrah for Mr. Harr, and my "back-up" xylophone.[1]

Works for Percussion

Aquamarine - Snare Drum
Black Cat Quintette - Percussion Quintet
Bob Buggert (Bass) - Bass Drum
Bob Buggert (Snare) - Snare Drum
Bunker Hill - Timpani
Challenger - Snare Drum; Piano
Chesapeake - Percussion Duo
Colonel Irons - Percussion Quintet
Cuckoo Quickstep - Timpani
Double Drummin' - Percussion Duo
Duo for Drums - Percussion Duo; Piano
First and Second Thirteen Rudiments - Snare Drum
Flying Sticks - Percussion Quartet Piano
Harr Intermediate Xylophone-Marimba Solos - Xylophone
Jerry and Terry - Percussion Duo; Piano
Jumbo's Holiday - Bass Drum; Piano
Lexington - Percussion Duo
Lieutenant Donna - Percussion Quintet
Medley of 6/8 Rhythm - Snare Drum
Method for Tympani - Method Book; Timpani
Mr. Boom-Boom - Bass Drum; Piano
Newport (Solo) - Timpani
Newport (Ensemble) - Percussion Quintet
Nine Complete Drum Solos - Snare Drum
Peter Gruber - Snare Drum
Rataplan - Percussion Trio
Saratoga - Percussion Duo
Simplified Drum Solos - Snare Drum; Piano
Susquehanna - Percussion Duo
Tapology - Snare Drum
The Commodore - Snare Drum; Piano
The Downfall of Paris (Harr) - Timpani; Piano
The Downfall of Paris (Ensemble) - Percussion Sextet; Piano
The Elmhurst Quintet - Percussion Quintet
The Four Hundred (Timpani) - Timpani; Piano
The Four-Hundred (Snare Drum) - Snare Drum; Piano
The Glenwood Boy (Snare Drum) - Snare Drum
The Glenwood Boy (Timpani) - Timpani
The Green Diamond (Timpani - Timpani; Piano
The Green Diamond (Snare Drum) - Snare Drum; Piano
The Harvey Quintet - Percussion Quintet
The Twenty-six - Snare Drum
Ticonderoga - Percussion Trio
Tourmaline - Snare Drum
Trio for Percussion (Harr) - Percussion Trio
Turquoise - Snare Drum
Vally Forge - Percussion Quartet
Van Grad - Snare Drum


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