In Concert (Timpani)

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Jacob de Haan

General Info

Year of Published: 2001
Publisher: De Haske Publications
Difficulty: Elementary
ISBN: 978-9-0431-0951-7
Cost: $7.00




As the name suggests, the series First Class contains compositions for the first group lessons which, despite their easy grade, are first class pieces! First Class offers numerous possibilities for ensemble playing. Special attention is given to the range of each part, so that as many different instruments as possible can play the pieces together. This means almost any combination of instruments is possible, from a quartet to a full concert band. All pieces also contain optional percussion parts. In Concert is a collection of small pieces composed by Jacob de Haan. As the title indicates, this part of the First Class series can be used to make up a concert program. With melodious titles such as March Along, Beetle Blues, and House Party, success is something you can count on!


1. March Along
2. Beetle Blues
3. House Party
4. Quick Time
5. Slow Motion
6. Czardas
7. Farmhouse Rock
8. Soul Ballad
9. English Waltz
10. Sunny Samba
11. Rhythm & Blues
12. Close Finish

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