Kwiatkowski, Ryszard (Richard)

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Ryszard Kwiatkowski


Born: June 27, 1931

Died: March 23, 1991 Bydoszcz, Poland

Country: Poland

Studies: Warsaw State College of Music

Teachers: T.Szeligowski, W. Rudzinski

Kwiatkowski, Ryszard, Polish composer; b. Jaranów, June 27, 1931; d. Bydoszcz, March 23, 1991. He was a student of Szeligowski and Rudzinski at the Warsaw State Higher School of Music (1958–63) and of Petrassi in Rome. He taught at the Bydgoszcz State Higher School of Music. His music reflects contemporary trends, including some use of dodecaphony.[1]

Works for Percussion

Xb-132 - Percussion Quartet