Nakamura, Noriko

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Composer Name


Born: February 26, 1965

Country: Japan

Studies: Kyoto City University of Fine Arts and Music (B.M.1987, M.M. 1991)

Teachers: Ryohei Hirose, Michio Kitazume, Masahisa Fujishima

Works for Percussion

Agata and NaviMultiple Percussion Solo; with Flutet
KataMarimba Solo
KusaPercussion Quintet
Mure I (Conspiracy By Bacteria)Percussion Trio
Mure II (Sleeping Molds) – Percussion Trio
Mure III – Percussion Trio
Mure IV (Parade of Amoebas) – Percussion Trio
Mure V (Journey of Flying Spores) – Percussion Trio
NaviMultiple Percussion Solo; with Flute