Ostling, Acton

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Composer Name


Born: April 13, 1906

Died: September 1, 1993 Sarasota

Country: Chester, Connecticut, U.S.A

Studies: Ithaca Conservatory of Music (1927)


Ostling studied at the Ithaca College School of Music in Ithaca ( New York ) and obtained his Bachelor of Music there . He then studied at Ohio State University in Columbus where he obtained his Master of Music . He completed his studies at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor .

From 1926 to 1928 he was a trombonist and euphonium player in the harmony orchestra of Patrick Conway . Then he was a lecturer and conductor of the wind orchestra of Endicott High School in New York. In addition to a large number of classical music for harmony orchestra, he also wrote his own work and is the author of an instrumentation theory for wind orchestras.[1]

Works for Percussion

A Pair of Diddlers - Snare Drum (2)
A Two-Four for Two - Snare Drum (2)
America in Rhythm - Percussion Duo
Bellistic - Orchestra Bells; Piano
Den Chief - Snare Drum
Drummer's Patrol - Percussion Quartet
Drummin' Thru the Rye - Snare Drum; Band
Drumming in Triplicate - Percussion Trio; Snare Drum (3)
Drumming with Foster - Snare Drum
First Competition - Snare Drum
Gavotte for Percussion - Percussion Quartet
Grandfather's Drum - Snare Drum
Heads Up - Snare Drum
Hear them Bells - Orchestra Bells; Piano
Listen to the Drummers Play and Encore - Percussion Quartet
Procession of the Gnomes - Percussion Quartet
Rolling Alone - Snare Drum
Rudimental Bass Drum Solos - Bass Drum
Rudimental Repartee - Percussion Duo; Snare Drum (2)
Rudimental Review - Snare Drum
Rudimental Rhythm - Snare Drum
Starlight - Orchestra Bells; Piano
Suite for Percussion (Ostling) - Percussion Quartet
The Drummer's Delight - Snare Drum
The Juggler - Orchestra Bells; Piano
The Young Contestant - Snare Drum
Theme and Variations (Ostling) - Orchestra Bells; Piano
Three Competitors - Percussion Trio; Snare Drum (3)
Variations on "London Bridge" - Percussion Duo; Snare Drum (2)
Variations on a Rhythmic Theme - Percussion Quartet