Rapp, Jorge

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Jorge Rapp


Born: December 23, 1946

Died: August 21, 2010

Country: Argentina

Studies: Universidad Católica Argentina,



He was born in Buenos Aires, in 1946. He studied composition at the Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA *), graduating with a degree in music in 1971. In 1973, he received a grant from the National Fund de las Artes (FNA *) continued his training in the Superior courses of Musical Composition of the CICMAT. It was his teachers Gabriel Brncic-Isaza, José Maranzano, Gerardo Gandini and Francisco Kröpfl, with whom he continued studies in composition and musical analysis. In that laboratory he composed in 1973 his first electroacoustic work, "Estudio I" , specializing in composition techniques with those media. In 1974 he created his first analog studio . He was a teacher of acoustics, organology and composition with electroacoustic media since 1976: among other institutions at the Universidad del Salvador, at the National University of Quilmes, in the Latin American Contemporary Music Courses , associate professor in the LIPM * courses, professor of Electroacoustics in the Composition Course 493[1]

Works for Percussion

Musica para quartro percusionistas - Percussion Quartet
Musica para un percusionista - Multiple Percussion