Rebne, Rune

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Rune Rebne


Born: April 05, 1961

Country: Brumunddal, Norway

Studies: University of Trondheim (1985), Rogaland Conservatory, Stavanger (1988), The Norwegian State Academy of Music (B.A.1993, M.A.1997)

Teachers: Bjørne Kruse, Olav Anton Thommessen, Lasse Thoreson, Rolf Wallin


Rune Rebne born (1961) is a Norwegian contemporary composer.

Rebne began his music studies in 1985 and graduated with a diploma from the Norwegian Academy of Music in 1997. Rebne has composed both instrumental and electro-acoustic works in addition to focusing on composing music for modern dance and theatre productions. His works have seen performances at ta number of festivals at home and abroad.

In 1995 Rebne was bestowed with the Norwegian Society of Composers’ Work of the Year Award. In recent years, Rebne has collaborated with PhD research fellow Ludvig Elblaus at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The two are focusing on creating music and video projections for theatre and dance productions combined with use of sensors and software developed by Rebne and Elblaus. Rebne has also served in roles as director, instructor and composer for theatre productions Blod, Jern og Olje vol. 1 og 2.

Rebne is currently a PhD Candidate and Research Fellow at the Norwegian Academy of Music.[1]

Works for Percussion

Hm - Multiple Percussion, Saxophone
Humla - Multiple Percussion, Violin
Tre: Music for Percussion - Percussion Quartet