Rhythmology for Snare Drum

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John R. Hearnes & David England

General Info

Year of Publication: 2017
Publisher: Row-Loff Productions
Series: Row-Loff Workshop Series
Level: Elementary
Cost: $12.00


  • Gives Drummers 'Real Music'
  • Develops Confidence
  • Written for Middle School Students


Snare Drum Solos

  • First Time Out
  • Start It Up
  • Bleeber Blabber
  • Life in the Drumhouse
  • Ready...Set...
  • Go! - Snare Solo
  • Full Count

Snare Drum Duets

  • Twinsday
  • Mark Twain
  • Drive-In
  • Patiently Unique
  • Rude(amental) Awakening

Snare Drum Trio

  • Attack at Fort Issimo
  • Pick 3
  • A. B. C.

Percussion Quartet

Multiple Percussion

  • Multimatum - Multi-Percussion Duet
  • Mult-Etude - Multi-Percussion Solo


“Rhythmology for Snare Drum” is a collection of solos, duets, trios, and a quartet composed for the beginning to intermediate percussionist. Being band directors ourselves, we understand the needs of both developing percussionists and the band directors who try to find suitable music for those students. The pieces come from writing for our own middle school students, and most of the pieces have been performed by those students at Solo & Ensemble festivals over the past few years.
“Rhythmology” contains 8 solos, 6 duets, 3 trios and a quartet (some with added multi-percussion) to inspire and challenge the percussionists in your program. The pieces contain elements of both concert and rudimental snare drumming, and they can be used as a supplement with the “Toolbox” series (available from Row-Loff) or with other band method books.


Snare Drums
Concert Tom-Toms
Tenor Drum Bass Drum
Suspended Cymbal

Product Video

Row-Loff Percussion

Recent Performance


Additional Resources

Row-Loff Workshop Series

Row-Loff Workshop Series

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