Haubenstock-Ramati, Roman

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Composer Name


Born: February 27, 1919

Died: March 03, 1994, Vienna, Austria

Country: Kraków, Poland

Studies: Krakow Conservatory, Lwów Academy

Teachers: Artur Malawski, Jozef Koffler

Works for Percussion

Comedie - Percussion Trio; Voices 1 Male, 2 Female Voices
Divertimento (Haubenstock-Ramati) - Percussion Duo; Dancers or Mime, Actor; Electronics
Extensions - Marimba - or 2 Marimbas
Jeux 2 - Percussion Duo
Jeux 4 - Percussion Quartet; Narrator; Mime; Dancer
Jeux 6 - Percussion Sextet
Liasons (Ensemble) - Percussion Duo
Liasons (Solo) - Multiple Percussion
Mobile for Shakespeare - Percussion Quartet; Voice; Piano
Papageno's Pocket Size Concerto - Orchestra Bells; Orchestra
Song (Haubenstock-Ramati) - Multiple Percussion