Russo, Antonio Maria

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Antonio Maria Russo


Born: 1934

Country: Messina, Sicily, Italy; Argentina (1960)

Studies: Municipal Conservatory "Manuel de Falla"; Higher Institute of Art of the Teatro Colón

Teachers: Erwin Leuchter, Roberto Kinski, Enrique Sivieri, Carlos Suffern, Julio Floriani


Antonio María Russo was born in 1934 in Messina, Sicily, Italy.

He arrived in Argentina at the end of 1951 and in 1960 took the letter of Argentine citizenship.

He studied with teachers Erwin Leuchter, Roberto Kinski, Enrique Sivieri, Carlos Suffern and Julio Floriani.

He is a graduate of the Municipal Conservatory "Manuel de Falla" as a Senior Piano Teacher and of the Higher Institute of Art of the Teatro Colón as a Master Trainer and Orchestra Director. Since 1992 he has intensified his task as a composer.

Antonio María Russo has composed music for a capella choir, singing and piano, chamber ensembles, symphony orchestra, children's choir and various vocal and instrumental ensembles.

In November 1996 he premiered his profane cantata "Eros-Selene-Eros" in San Juan, for solo soprano, choir and orchestra.

At the end of 1997, the Vicariate of Buenos Aires entrusted him with the composition of the "Misa Corpus Christi", work for choir, orchestra and four soloists that premiered on June 14, 1998.

In October 1999 he premiered in Santa Fe "Pequeños Blancos Amores" for children's choir, two solo sopranos and orchestra, specially commissioned by the Coral Institute of the Province of Santa Fe.

In November 1999 he premiered the "Magnificat" in Buenos Aires, for mezzo-soprano, choir and orchestra.

In November 2000 he directed in Rome (Italy) the European premiere of his "Mass Corpus Christi", leading the "Rome Simphony" and the Choir "Cantoria Lugano" with the sponsorship of the International Association of Friends of Sacred Music.

In July 2002 he premiered his "Passion according to San Juan" composed by the Archbishop of La Plata, Monsignor Hector Aguer, with the National Symphony Orchestra, the National Polyphonic Choir and the National Youth Choir.[1]

Works for Percussion

Musica para marimba, timbales y percusionPercussion Octet; Timpani; Marimba