Shimoyama, Hifumi

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Composer Name


Born: June 21, 1930

Country: Hirosaki, Japan

Studies: Hirosaki University (1954)

Teachers: Yoritsune Matsudaira

Works for Percussion

AhumMarimba; Flute
Dialogue for Two PercussionPercussion Duo
EmanationMultiple Percussion; Saxophone
Falling ShadePercussion Sextet
Fumon IVPercussion Quartet
Gen – Multiple Percussion; Harpsichord
Genji Kuyo – Multiple Percussion; With Tape; Shakuhachi
Glass Harp Fantasy – Percussion Duo; Glass Harp
Kyboku – Marimba
Kyboku – Multiple Percussion; Kokyu
Kyboku II – Percussion Quartet; Marimba
Landscape No. 2 – Multiple Percussion; Organ
The DA – Percussion Quartet; Marimba
The DA II – Percussion Quartet
TransmigrationPercussion Trio; Double Bass
Vision – Marimba; Flute
Vision II – Marimba; Flute