Technical Timing: A Method for Metronome and Snare Drum

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Casey Cangelosi

General Info

Year: 2014
Duration: c.
Difficulty: (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: Cangelosi
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Snare Drum

Program Notes

Technical Timing by Casey Cangelosi is a method for metronome and snare drum that contains 310 exercises with 5000+ interchangeable technical variations. Contents: Purpose, Notation, Challenge Substitutions, Tips/FYI Section 1, Shifts by Two Section 2, Shifts by Three Section 3, Shifts by Four Section 4, Polyrhythmic Check Measures Section 5, Polyrhythmic Shift Measures Each exercise alternates between "check measures" and "shift measures." The check measures serve as measures of stability, allowing the performer to know if they have properly moved the click to its correct location. The shift measures relocate the click to a new partial of the beat. The metronome is always notated so that the player knows where the click belongs. The number of check and shift measures in an exercise will vary depending on how many shifts are required for the pattern to cycle through. "Challenge Substitutions" are modifications to the exercises. Challenge substitutions are meant to create variations and increase difficulty with various stand-in substitutions.




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Books for Percussion by this Composer

Cangelosi, Casey. Technical Timing: A Method for Metronome and Snare Drum., 2014.

Works for Percussion by this Composer

Character Series

Character no.1 - Marimba
Character no.2 - Marimba
Character no.3 - Marimba
Character no.4 - Marimba
Character no.5 "Aethyr" - Marimba

Theatric Series

Theatric no.1 - Percussion Duet
Theatric no.2 - Marimba
Theatric no.3 - Multiple Percussion, Clarinet, Double Bass
Theatric no.4 - Percussion Quartet
Theatric no.5 - Percussion Ensemble
Theatric no.6 - Percussion Duet
Theatric no.7 - Multiple Percussion, With Tape
Theatric no. 10 - Percussion Ensemble (2 or more)

Marimba Etude

Etude in A Minor
Etude in A Minor no.2
Etude in C Major
Etude in C Major no.2
Etude in C Minor
Etude in D Major

Snare Drum Meditation

Meditation No. 1
Meditation No. 2


Marimba Quartet (Cangelosi) - Percussion Quartet - Marimba Quartet
Metavita (Perc. trio) - Percussion Trio
Nocturne (Cangelosi) - Percussion Duo - Vibes and Marimba
Occhio - Percussion Ensemble (11)
Ouija - Percussion Quartet
Plato's Cave - Percussion Duet
Seance - Percussion Duet
Two And Single Body - Percussion Duet


3/13/07 Prelude - Snare Drum
10/31/09 Prelude - Snare Drum
Andrew Styles (xylo. etude) - Vibraphone
Bad Touch - Solo Performer, with tape
C Minor Scherzo - Vibraphone
Chakra Shift Multiple Percussion (Maracas & Hi-Hat)
Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra no.2 - Marimba, Orchestra
Einherjar - Multiple Percussion
Encore in G Major - Marimba
Encore to Einherjar - Multiple Percussion
Epitaph for Tommy Wolf - Marimba, Piano
Etude in F Sharp Minor - "Tango" - Marimba
Evil Ernie - Multiple Percussion
F Minor Scherzo - Marimba
Fanatic - Multiple Percussion
Five Preludes (Cangelosi) - Marimba
Ghoul Theater - Timpani, Piano
Glamour - Multiple Percussion
Iktsuarpok - Multiple Percussion
Naglfar - Multiple Percussion
Ogre Ballet - Multiple Percussion
Opening - Marimba
Rattle and Hum - Marimba
Scherzo - Snare Drum
Shape Lessons - Multiple Percussion
Sick 6erpent - Multiple Percussion
Steam Punk - (Vln., Gtr., Db., Mar.) - Marimba; Chamber Ensemble
Tap Oratory - Snare Drum, Digital Playback
Viscosity - Marimba
Walking Left Handed - Multiple Percussion, With Tape, with Lighting
White Knuckle Stroll - Marimba
Wicca - Multiple Percussion

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