The Blue Book (Volume 2)

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General Info

Subtitle: A Test Guide for the Modern Percussionist
Composers: David Ratliff, James Campbell, Rob Parks, University of Kentucky Alumni
Level: Elementary to Advanced
Pages: 162
Release Date: 2021
Price: $29.00


Multiple Percussion
Snare Drum
Tenor Drums


James Campbell and his former students are back at it with a second volume of the The Blue Book. 48 authors (including Mr. Campbell himself) have contributed a total of 56 individual pieces to this compendium of drumset, multipercussion, snare drum, and marching tenor solos. Much like its predecessor, these solos are ideal for contests, auditions, technique development, recitals, juries, or just for your drumming enjoyment! Both the first and second volumes of The Blue Book represent several generations of students and alumni who have passed through the percussion studies program at the University of Kentucky. All have gone on to enjoy successful careers as teachers, performers, and composers and represent their alma mater dutifully in this eclectic collection of percussion solos!



Get on the Good Foot | John Willmarth
Beatnik Blues | John Willmarth
Dud It | Tyler Swick
Blues for Bu | Scott Kretzer
Blue Blues | Rande Sanderbeck
Batuque | Aaron Graham
Room 18 | Michael Gould
What Are You Thinking? | Michael Aukofer
The Toole Shed | Robert Rawlings
Prepared | Matthew J. Skaggs
Bourbon ’n’ Toulouse | Brian Nozny
Pippin’s Persistence | Joshua Dekaney
Ode to Ornette | Jason Tiemann
The Art of Art | Jason Tiemann
Blue Batucada | Paul Deatherage
Fantasy on a Fifth | Glenn Kotche
Campbell’s Villain | Chad Floyd


Game Show | James Campbell
81 87 | Josh Smith
El Guapo | Ralph Hicks
With a Little Lime Juice | Francisco Perez
Time | Colin Hill
Pale Blue Dot | Dan Moore
Sound of the Axe | Brad Meyer
Don’t Worry…He Never Felt a Thing | Chris Butler
Rose Lane | Jordan Munson
Polyrhythm Study No. 1 | Andy Bliss
Maps! | Matt Geiger


Tree Frog | Jessica Dismukes
Unexpected Encounter | John Allnutt
Guiro Weekly | Katie Beckmann
Beware of the black Box! | Gary Rudolph
Euclid (Avenue of Champions) | David Ratliff
M.C. | Emily Durocher
Rocket Blast | Andy Salmon
Two Twilight Fanfares | Kyle Forsthoff
Backpack | Eric Willie
Dragon Roll | Ellis Hampton
Jolt | Jordan Williams
My Blue Cents | Jonathan Sharp
Scratch | Mark Hunter
Get Off My Lawn | Mark Casey
Secret Passage | Jim Corcoran
Age Out Suite, Opus 401K | Scott McCoy


The Speed Counter | Bryan Angel
Beware of the black Box! | Gary Rudolph
Euclid (Avenue of Champions) | David Ratliff
Cold Hearted | Kelsey Collins
Wawa | Andy Salmon
Streaking Through the Quad | Ian Murphy
Flam Dunk | John Willmarth
1218 | Rob Parks
Sum of Threes | Eric Willie
Caturday | Eliot Johnson
Papercut | Ellis Hampton
Can I Just Get a Buzz Roll | Brian Flack

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