The Downfall of Paris (Harr)

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Haskell Harr

General Info

Duration: c. 1:$5
Difficulty: (see Ratings for explanation)
Publisher: Cole
Cost: Score and Parts - $0.00   |   Score Only - $0.00




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Works for Percussion by this Composer

Snare Drum Works

Bob Buggert (Snare)
First and Second Thirteen Rudiments
Medley of 6/8 Rhythm
Nine Complete Drum Solos
Peter Gruber
Simplified Drum Solos
The Commodore
The Four-Hundred (Snare Drum)
The Glenwood Boy (Snare Drum)
The Green Diamond (Snare Drum)
Van Grad

Bass Drum Works

Bob Buggert (Bass)
Jumbo's Holiday
Mr. Boom-Boom

Timpani Works

Bunker Hill
Cuckoo Quickstep
Method for Tympani
Newport (Solo)
The Downfall of Paris (Harr)
The Four Hundred (Timpani)
The Glenwood Boy (Timpani)
The Green Diamond (Timpani

Mallets Works

Harr Intermediate Xylophone-Marimba Solos - Xylophone / Marimba

Percussion Ensemble Works

Black Cat Quintette - Percussion Quintet
Chesapeake - Percussion Duo
Colonel Irons - Percussion Quintet
Double Drummin' - Percussion Duo
Duo for Drums - Percussion Duo; Piano
Flying Sticks - Percussion Quartet Piano
Jerry and Terry - Percussion Duo; Piano
Lexington - Percussion Duo
Lieutenant Donna - Percussion Quintet
Newport (Ensemble) - Percussion Quintet
Rataplan - Percussion Trio
Saratoga - Percussion Duo
Susquehanna - Percussion Duo
The Downfall of Paris (Ensemble) - Percussion Sextet; Piano
The Elmhurst Quintet - Percussion Quintet
The Harvey Quintet - Percussion Quintet
Ticonderoga - Percussion Trio
Trio for Percussion (Harr) - Percussion Trio
Vally Forge - Percussion Quartet

Additional Resources