Waterfalls Concerto (Percussion Ensemble Version)

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Julie Spencer

General Info

Year: 19
Duration: c.
Difficulty: Advanced
Publisher: Norsk
Cost: $58.00





Percussion Ensemble

Player 1: 3 Timpani & Cymbal & high Tom tom & 4 Crotales (A, B, Bb, E), large sheet of thick paper, several sheets of thin aluminum foil & Triangle
Player 2: Snare Drum & Suspended Cymbal & medium low Tom tom & Wind chimes & several sheets of thin aluminum foil
Player 3: medium Tom tom & Agogo bells & Triangle, large sheet of thick paper, several sheets of thin aluminum foil
Player 4: medium high Tom tom & Hi-hat & Samba Whistle & Triangle & Wind Chimes & Gong & several sheets of thin aluminum foil & large sheet of thick paper
Player 5: Bass Drum & low Tom tom & Snare Drum & Triangle & several thin sheets of aluminum foil
Player 6: Chimes & Wood Block & Gong & Ratchet & large sheet of thick paper & several sheets of thin aluminum foil

Program Notes



Commercial Discography

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Works for Percussion by this Composer

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Waterfalls - Marimba
Waterfalls Concerto - Marimba and Orchestra; Marimba and Percussion Ensemble
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