4 Mallet Democracy for Marimba

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Jack Van Geem

General Info

Year: 1992
Edition: c. 1st Edition
Publisher: Alfred
Cost: Book Cost - $0.00   |   Supplemental Books - $0.00



Chapter I: Singe Hand Studies
Chapter II: Interval Studies
Chapter III: Rotation Studies
Chapter IV: Single Mallet Rotation Studies
Chapter V: Mixed Rotation Studies
Chapter VI: Parallel Motion Studies
Chapter VII: Parallel Chromatic Movement Studies
Chapter VIII: 4-Mallet Arpeggio Studies
Chapter IX: Further 4-Mallet Arpeggio Studies
Chapter X: Further Rotation Studies
Chapter XI: Advanced 4-Mallet Chromatic Studies


Student Reviews

4-Mallet study is a really great book. I personally wouldn’t teach anyone new to mallets though. This seems more of an intermediate text. The book can get very challenging but it will really help with someone who has not mastered 4-mallet independence yet. I would suggest this book for a college student to have in their library. It contains a lot of different Etude’s that could be short fun pieces to learn for studies or warm-ups. I really enjoyed this book.
Review by Sage Thurston


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