8 Pieces for Three Mallets

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Sergei Golovko

General Info

Publisher: SG Music Publishing
Difficulty: Elementary to Intermediate
Cost: $38.50


Xylophone / Marimba

Song List

1. Sunny Bunny
2. Elephant's Dream
3. Skipping Piglet
4. Kangaroo Boogie
5. Dragonfly
6. Seagulls
7. Peacock and Macaw
8. Colibry


Selection of fun and easy to learn pieces will help to the beginner mallet players build a strong 3-mallet technique foundation. All pieces are for 3 mallets, however student can play them with 4 mallets and use instead of one mallet in one hand – two mallets and play with inner mallet. That way students could get used to holding 4 mallets and develop the skill that allows them to independently manipulate two mallets in each hand. Each piece is suggesting visual images and telling a story. Pieces are short and fun to play.

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