AMEB Percussion Grade 2 Book

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General Info

Year of Published: 2013
Publisher: Australian Music Examinations Board
Level: Grade 2
Series: 1
ISBN: 979-0-7201-1638-9
Cost: $44.95


Snare Drum
Mallet Percussion


All exam repertoire requirements can be fulfilled with this collection of graded pieces for AMEB Percussion exams. Carefully selected by top Australian Percussion performers and pedagogues, the grade books feature a diversity of musical styles and include works by celebrated Australian composers. Repertoire is carefully coordinated to align with the technical requirements at each grade level. Includes piano accompaniment.

Song List

List A

1. Moroccan Roll by David Pye
2. Carol in Lydian mode by Alan Lawrence
3. In good stead by Michael Dixon
4. Etude by Guy Lefèvre
5. Snare exercise 6.5.1 by David Quinn
6. Short piece for snare drum and piano by Ian Cleworth
7. Rondino by Siegfried Fink

List B

1. Choucho by Steve Falk
2. Minuet in G major (arranged by Edwin Montgomery)
3. Seven and Five make Twelve by Alan Lawrence
4. Kosakenlied by Nebojša Jovan Živković
5. Etude by Marcel Jorand
6. Lullaby by John Parker

List C

1. A Little Hurdy Gurdy by Amande Grigg
2. Hand-to-hand jam by Claire Edwardes

List D

1. Looking for Twos by Alan Lawrence
2. Phrased Out by Alistair Wallis
3. Andante (arranged by Steven Hodgson)

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