A Fresh Approach for the Beginning Percussion Class (Book 1)

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Mark Wessels

General Info

Year of Published: 2023
Publisher: Mark Wessels Publications
ISBN: 978-0-9714-7845-9
Cost: $24.95



1. Parts of the Snare Drum Stand , Snare Drum
2. Snare Drum Tuning & Maintenance, Drum Stick Anatomy
3. Gripping the Stick Height and Playing Position
4. Left Hand Traditional Grip, The Rebound Stroke
5. Snare Drum Review / Test
6. Orchestral Bells / Glockenspiel, Mallet Selections
7. Xylophone, Mallet Selections
8. Marimba, Mallet Selections
9. Vibraphone, Mallet Selections
10. Chimes , Other Necessary Equipment
11. Mallet Grip and Playing Position
12. Bar Playing Area and Stroke
13. Mallet Percussion Review / Test

Lesson 1 - 10

Drum Rudiments

1. Single Stroke Roll
2. Double Stroke Roll
3. Single Paradiddle
4. Double Paradiddle
5. Paradiddle-diddle
6. Multiple Bounce Stroke
7. 5 Stroke Roll
8. 9 Stroke Roll
9. 13 Stroke Roll
10. Flam Paradiddle


1. C Major
2. F Major
3. Bb Major
4. Eb Major (5 Notes)
5. Ab Major (5 Notes)
6. G Major (5 Notes)


1. Lightly Row
2. Keyboard Boogie
3. Skip to My Lou
4. Hokey Pokey
5. You're a Grand Old Flag
6. Jingle Bells


1. Rhythm Reading Exercises
2. Rudimental Etudes 3. Keyboard Speed Reading Exercises
4. Accessory Percussion: Tambourine / Concert Bass Drum / Suspended Cymbal / Wood Block / Crash Cymbals / Bongos / Temple Bells/ Sleigh Bells / Ratchet / Slapstick


Drums: Snare Drum / Bass Drum
Mallets: Glockenspiel / Xylophone / Vibraphone / Marimba / Chimes
Auxiliary Percussion: Tambourine / Suspended Cymbal / Wood Block / Bongos / Sleigh Bells / Ratchet / Whip


A Fresh Approach for the Beginning Percussion Class offers a combined percussion method that allows classroom teachers to teach snare drum and mallets simultaneously, while introducing a step-by-step introduction of accessory instruments along the way. This method utilizes a much more percussion ensemble approach that many band programs will prefer.
Book 1 includes 10 lessons, perfect for the first semester of the beginning percussion class. It combines warmup exercises, reading lines, and musical studies so teachers can split time between snare and mallet.

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