A Fresh Approach to Technique & Musicianship with Four Mallets

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David Skidmore

General Info

Subtitle: 24 Progressive Solos for Marimba
Year: 2018
Publisher: Mark Wessels Publications
Number of Pages: 123
ISBN: 978-0-9714-7840-4
Cost: $29.95


David Skidmore introduces each of the fundamental 4-mallet skills step-by-step- in 24 progressive lessons. Exercises in each lesson provide not only technical training, but also teach valuable musical phrasing concepts. Each lesson culminates with a short solo that develops the techniques and phrasing concepts from the lesson into a musically meaningful piece. Individual solos or combinations of solos from the book are perfect for performing on recitals, solo contests or highs school and college auditions.


Holding 4 Mallets: Stevens Grip (Modified Musser Grip), Burton Grip, Traditional Grip
Stroke Types: Descriptions of All Major 4-Mallet Strokes
24 Lessons
24 Etudes

Works for Percussion by this Composer

Agreed - Percussion Quartet
Aliens with Extraordinary Abilities - Percussion Quartet. with Electronics
An Argument or a Question? - Timpani
Break (Skidmore) - Percussion Duo
Common Patterns in Uncommon Time - Percussion Quartet
Donner (Octet) - Percussion Octet
Donner (Quartet) - Percussion Quartet
Don't Eat Your Young - Percussion Quartet, Electronics
Echoes - Percussion Quartet
Extremely Close - Marimba, Piano
Fanfare for a New Audience - Percussion Quartet
From In Contact - Percussion (10)
In Contact - Percussion Quartet
Jade Circles - Percussion Duo
Leap/A Running Knot - Multiple Percussion
Love Songs: Book One - Percussion Quartet, Piano
Perpetuum Mobile - Percussion Quintet
Requiem - Multiple Percussion
Ritual Music - Percussion Quartet
Sonata for Two Marimbas - Percussion Duo - Marimba Duo
Strobes - Percussion Quartet
Take Anything You Want - Percussion Quartet
Things May Be Changing (But Probably Not) - Percussion Quartet
Torched and Wrecked - Percussion Quartet, Electronics
Triptan - Percussion Trio or Quartet
Trying - Percussion Quartet
Unknown Kind - Percussion Quintet
Whispers - Percussion Nonet
Whispers 2 - Percussion Duo