Additive Method of Two-Mallet Study

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Gene Koshinski

General Info

Year of Published: 2010
Publisher: Bachovich Music Publications
Cost: $25.00


Glockenspiel / Xylophone / Vibraphone / Marimba


Throughout my career I have taken special interest in the two-mallet keyboard percussion solo repertoire. The music is eloquent and rich from its early stages in ragtime xylophone to today's contemporary art music. Key performers such as George Hamilton Green, Sammy Herman, Clair Omar Musser, Bob Becker and Evelyn Glennie have dazzled audiences with their mastery of two-mallet performance. With four-mallet keyboard playing as popular as it is, many percussionists tend to gloss over their two-mallet studies in order to perform four-mallet repertoire. The study of two-mallet keyboard percussion should not just be a stepping stone to four-mallet study. These are two different, yet related, types of percussion playing with their own technical idiosyncrasies and their own contributions to one's overall musicianship. I am a firm believer that concentrated study of two-mallet performance will greatly improve your snare drum, timpani, drum set, and four-mallet skills just as it will improve your musicianship on hand drums, or any other percussion instrument. In return, the study of other percussion instruments will greatly improve your two-mallet keyboard skills. The inspiration to create this method came from my experience with improvisation. My two-mallet technical studies often involved improvised exercises that were enjoyable and addressed my own personal strengths and weaknesses. I found that "cookie cutter" exercises were not nearly as effective as those directly aimed at my playing. In the end, musicians should take note that everyone has their own unique profile. The Additive Method offers the percussionist the opportunity to create a personal practice routine which can evolve along with their individual musical needs.

Works for Percussion by this Composer

Afternoon in March - Marimba
And So the Wind Blew... - Percussion Duo
As One - Percussion Duo
BeyonD the bEnd - Multiple Percussion, Percussion Quintet
Caleidoscópio - Marimba
Capriccio for Viola Solo - Henri Vieuxtemps - Marimba
Ceci N'est Pas Un Jouet - Percussion Duo
Circuit Breaker - Percussion Sextet
Concerto for Marimba and Choir with Percussion - Marimba; Percussion Trio; Choir
Echo Song - Multiple Percussion; Percussion Duo (Soloist and Echo)
Get It! - Multiple Percussion; Bassoon
Homage to Carter - Snare Drum
Impressions of Chinese Opera - Percussion Duo
Prelude Nuevo - Marimba
Quench - Percussion Quartet
Ragtime Collection - Marimba Quartet
Rattle the Cage - Mallet Ensemble
Sammy's Scales - Percussion Duo
Sky Songs - Multiple Percussion; Voice
Song and Dance - Percussion Duo
soniChroma - Percussion Duo; Orchestra
Stir Crazy - Percussion Quartet
Streamline - Percussion Ensemble - (Hand Drums)
The Electric City - Percussion Trio
Together & Not - Percussion Duo - Marimba Duo
Two - A Collection of 10 Concert Pieces for Two-Mallet Marimba Solo - Marimba
Variations (after Viñao) - Marimba