Akkord Music Publishers

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Contact Information

Website: http://www.akkordmusic.hu/

Email (1): akkord@mail.datanet.hu
Email (2): egrof@mail.datanet.hu

Fax: (36-1) 207-4767

Publishers Information

Akkord Music Publishers Ltd. was established in 1989 as the first private company of this kind after the forty years long monopolistic position of the state-owned music publisher. At the beginning we focused on rarities of music history as well as original works and transcriptions which could be used in music education either. Our contemporary repertory has been increased year by year, first of all with instrumental pieces but we tried to deal with choral editions, too, although photocopying had caused an even more serious damage in this field than in the instrumental one. Hire materials mean also a growing part of our catalogue. Our books belong to musicological and educational topics. We have begun publishing books in foreign languages (English, German) and we internationally distribute products of other companies of this kind either. Besides the leading music shops of Hungary our publications are available in lots of foreign countries and nowadays we are already able to receive payments by credit cards from any part of the world. [1]