Andersson, Fredrik

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Fredrik Andersson


Born: 1973

Country: Sweden




Born in Sweden, Fredrik began his musical career at the age of five with Swedish accordion and folk music. He discovered the marimba during a concert at the Conservatory of his city in Sweden. As soon as he heard the first notes played on the marimbas, he knew he wanted to do it. He quickly integrated the marimba classes and over time the band Zimba Marimba Band formed. At the same time, Fredrik continued his musical studies with cello and piano. He spent his bachelor's degree in Malmö, Sweden, and continued his piano studies at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris (ENMP).

Fredrik also perfected himself in the music and dance of Guinea with Djembes and Doundouns. On several occasions, he returned to Boffa in Guinea-Conakry to study and learn with local musicians.[1]

Works for Percussion

the existential bliss of water passing under bridges - Marimba
imagine there was nothing - Percussion Trio
the lonelyness of Santa Claus - Marimba Duo
Natural Strange Days - Steel Drum; Electronics
Nume - Glockenspiel
not everything which happens is in the newspaper - Marimba