Beginning Exercises and Studies for Two Mallets

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Ney Rosauro

General Info

Publisher: Malletworks Music
Level: Elementary


These progressive studies are the ideal companion to the Complete Method for Snare Drum, as they work simultaneously on the basic techniques to be developed by beginning percussionists.
Part one presents basic exercises for development of correct technique through simultaneous and alternating strokes.
Part two presents twelve etudes in various different keys.


Part 1

Single Stroke Exercise
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Exercise 4
Exercise 5
Exercise 6
Exercise 7
Hand-to-hand Passages
Exercise 8
Exercise 9
Exercise 10
Exercise 11
Exercise 12
Exercise 13: (a) Major Scale (b) Variation 1 (c) Variation 2
Exercise 14: Minor scales (Natural, Harmonic & Melodic)

Part 2

Etude #1: This etude focuses on single hand-to-hand passages
. Etude #2: This etude presents single strokes in a more independent way.
Etude #3: This etude is based on the three minor scales.
Etude #4: This etude is primarily a harmonic exercise intended to familiarize you with three main tonal functions (Tonic, Sub-Dominant and Dominant) and their inversions.
Etude #5: This etude is based on the harmonic sequence of Tonic, Relative Minor, Sub-Dominant and Dominant.
Etude #6: This etude is based on the harmonic sequence of Tonic and Sub-Dominant and Dominant seventh.
Etude #7: During this etude be sure to play the melody louder than the repeated notes.
Etude #8:
Etude #9: Based on the Brazilian folk song "Rosa Amarela" and is notated with alternating measured rolls and double stroke rolls.
Etude #10: This etude focuses on sticking repetition.
Etude #11: This etude focuses on octaves.
Etude #12: This etude focuses on roll

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