Bird Rhythmics

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Takashi Yoshimatsu

General Info

Year of Published: 2010
Publisher: ASKS orchestra


1. Bird Code
2. Rain Song
3. Bird Feast





Woodwinds: 2 Flutes & 2 Oboes & 2 Clarinets & 2 Bassoons
Brass: 4 French Horns & 2 Trumpets & 3 Trombone
Strings: Violin & Viola & Cello

Program Notes

The first movement, subtitled "Bird code", starts with dialogues between the different instruments. The marimba presents the main theme, rhythmical and of a free form. Instead of using the sonata form, there's a kind development in which the theme evolves in his form though the movement. The music becomes more and more rhythmical until reaching a great climax. Then comes the soloist's cadenza, brief and characterized by its rhythmical strength. At the end of it we find a more dramatic section than concludes with a dissonant climax. New dialogues between the soloist and the orchestra appear before a fast ending.

The second movement, subtitled "Rain song", is structured in a binary form. Starts with a lyrical theme presented by the orchestra and the soloist. Interventions of the marimba leads us to a brief romantic climaxes. At the middle of the movement starts a new rhythmical section leaded by the soloist, based on a short motive. The rhythm changes and developes in varied ways until the end, in which we find an optimistic coda.

The third movement, subtitled "Bird feast", starts with a vivacious theme presented by the soloist, which, like in the first movement, will be developed though the movement. With the support of the percussion, the marimba ornaments and develops it. Fanfares of the metals leads us to the first climax. The music becomes more and more frenetic. A new orchestral climax is achieved, followed by a rhythmical section between the soloist and the orchestral percussion. New metal calls leads us to a brilliant ending of the work.


Works for Percussion by this Composer

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