Calderón, Claudia

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Claudia Calderon


Born: 1959

Country: Columbia


Teachers: David Wilde, Diether de la Motte, György Sandor

Colombian pianist and composer Claudia Calderón was born in Palmira, Colombia. Claudia Calderón's folkloric piano music preserves and promotes the ethnic music of the mountains, plains, and coasts of Venezuela and Colombia. After studying in her native Cali and Bogota, she earned a degree in piano performance in Italy under pianist Gyorgy Sandor and Composition Professor Diether De La Motte.

Claudia Calderón has held teaching positions in several Venezuelan institutions such as Conservatory and the IUDEM, in Caradas. She has also developed musicological research in Colombian and Venezuelan ethnic music, at the FUNDEF institute in Caracas, and has published several papers on Colombian and Venezuelan harp music and Joropo. She has produced and published the first complete and exact set of transcriptions of Joropo harp music from different historic ethnomusicological recordings, setting a new standard in the study of this relatively unknown genre.

Works for Percussion

Prismas - Marimba Quartet Plus Percussion and Voice