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Leon Camp


Born: 1964

Country: Ell, Netherlands




Leon Camp was born on October 3, 1964 in Ell, in the south of the Netherlands. At the age of 7 he received his first musical training with the local drum band. This was followed by various studies at the KREATO music school in Thorn. He obtained his instructor's diploma in 1989 and his a.s.s. diploma in 1992. Conductor of HaFaBra.

Leon Camp started composing at the age of 12. He currently has more than 350 compositions to his name, of which approximately 75 are major compositions for extensive percussion ensembles. He currently composes mainly on commission. His most important assignment to date was a commission from the WMC in Kerkrade in 1993. For the stage competitions he composed the obligatory work: "Chinese Zodiac".

Most of Leon Camp's compositions are written for rhythmic percussion groups. However, due to the enormous evolution of amateur drum and percussion bands, his compositions are becoming increasingly melodic and harmonious. Leon Camp is currently instructor/conductor of 3 renowned percussion groups. In addition, he is frequently asked to join jury teams at home and abroad and he provides workshops, play-ins, clinics and educational projects.[1]

Works for Percussion

Drum SoundsPercussion Duo; Snare Drum
MassaiPercussion Octet
Snare meets Timp-toms – Percussion Duo; Timpani
Three Occassional PracticesPercussion Quartet
Tresco Falls – Percussion Duo; Snare Drum
Waltzing with timpsMultiple Percussion; Bongos; Timpani

Percussion Ensemble (8-11 Players)

The Rollright Stones - Percussion (11)

Percussion Ensemble (12-15 Players)

Buildings - Percussion (14)
Camelot - Percussion (15)
Celebrations of Traditions - Percussion (14)
Colour Figures - Percussion (15)
Conquistador - Percussion (15)
D' Afrique - Percussion (12)
El Choque Cultural - Percussion (14)
Full Moon - Percussion (13)
Helmond Suite - Percussion (14)
Introduction and Ritual - Percussion (15)
Jazz in Catstown - Percussion (13)
Lunar Cycle _ Percussion (13)
Samba for Acrobats & Jugglers - Percussion (13)
St. Joris en de draak - Percussion (13)
Tribute to 'Helmond' and the 'Hellemonder' - Percussion (14)
Wounded Knee - Percussion (12)

Percussion Ensemble (16-19 Players)

Chinese Zodic - Percussion (17)
Esfera Brasil - Percussion (17)
Habits of Mind - Percussion (18)
Jubilations - Percussion (16)
Legends - Percussion (18)
Panorama (Camp) - Percussion (18)
Percussion Proms - Percussion (16); Jazz Ensemble
Raspoetin - Percussion (18)
Voyage into a million miracles - Percussion (16)
Xpedition - Percussion (19)