Cappio, Arthur

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Composer Name


Born: December 18, 1933

Country: Paterson, New Jersey, U.S.A.


Teachers: Bill La Vorgna, Willie Rodriequez

Works for Percussion

A la ChapinSnare Drum
El Gato – Snare Drum
Head On – Snare Drum; Percussion Duo
His Lordship, Billy, The Streaker – Snare Drum
Lu-Lu – Snare Drum
Orchestral Etude – Snare Drum
Primo – Snare Drum
Reunion – Snare Drum
Rudimental Fantasy for Drum SetDrum Set
The Cat's Meow – Snare Drum
The Charger – Snare Drum
The Phantom – Snare Drum
Tribute to a Standard – Snare Drum
Una Fatica D'Amore – Snare Drum