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Phone: +39 02 939972500

Fax: +39 02 939972501

Address: 20020 Lainate (MI) Italy

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Carisch was founded in 1887 by Giovanni Andrea Carisch and Arturo Jänichen for trade and import of instruments and musical scores. After a few years after the birth, in 1894, his sons Otto and Adolfo, the activity extends to publishing his own music until the creation in 1949, the work of Alberto Carisch, a record company founded with the intention of giving an outlet to record the songs published by his own publishing house.

Became over time one of the major labels in the early sixties, reaching its climax with the successes of Peppino di Capri and distribution in Italy of Beatles records. However, at the end of the sixties, a period of crisis and, in the Eighties, Maurizio Carisch, a member of the fifth generation, relaunches the company with a new management team and business that develops a new policy to edit music.

They remember the successes of those years as the collections of the music of the Festival of Sanremo or the monographs of great popularity such as Sugar, to get to this day to Vasco Rossi, Ligabue, Bocelli, Pausini, Ramazzotti and many others. Even the focus on classical music persists and continues to increase the production of musical scores of great composers such as Sergio Calligaris.

In 1989 Maurizio Carisch decides to sell the property of the company to Warner Chappell Music Italian that keeps unchanged the group dirigentee commercial and begins a new phase marked by the process of internationalization. Are set up two companies in Europe: in Spain, in 1993 founded the Nueva Carisch España sees that in 2000 the acquisition of the catalog of Music Distribucion and in 2006 that of the publishing arm of the company Real Musical, making it a leader in the Spanish market for the teaching and scores of classical and pop music, in France, in 1998, first with the detection catalog Imp France and then in 1999 with the acquisition of Musicom, founded the new company Carisch Musicom.

The property remains in the hands of Warner until 2002, when the Monzino Group acquires Carisch, who acknowledges a history of success perpetuated over the centuries and a long tradition handed down from father to son. This strategic decision is based on two assessments: the before the will to resume the traditions of family Monzino who had developed the publishing activity since 1772, the date of birth of Giacomo Antonio Monzino, famous composer of the time, abandoned in the sixties; the second from the awareness of being able to assist the publishing the distribution of musical instruments, transferring know-how consolidated over generations.

Since 2008, Carisch start a new phase of development, with the transformation into a joint stock company and become the industrial center of the Group. It develops two divisions in it: the first with Carisch logo, continues with music publishing, teaching and teaching musical instruments, the second is dedicated specifically to the production of audio systems and distribution of musical instruments of high range.

In 2011 it completes the first phase of renewal with the generational change of top management, through the appointment as Managing Director Massimo Barbini, which provides the Company and the Group Monzino his extensive experience and deep industry knowledge, gained over the years, at the international level.

Designed for greater rationalization of services, during the year, the sales offices of Carisch were transferred from Milan to the headquarters in Lainate (MI), which were already present warehouse, part of publishing and audio, but most operational and administrative offices of the parent company, Monzino Spain support of these new challenges, Carisch begins to update its website, to improve communication with the market and to offer a flexible and comprehensive access to information, creating a correlation between instruments, sheet music and instructional methods.

In 2013 comes a new strategic alliance with our company Music Sales, through a distribution agreement at the international level. The new partnership, called Music Sales-Distribution Carisch, exclusively distributes scores, methods and music publications throughout Europe benefiting from a logistics integrated sales force combined. They are now available from the only logistics center Music Sales based in the UK, the most complete catalogs of Europe publications include English, French, Spanish and Italian - over 30,000 titles in all. At the same time , Carisch continues to operate locally in its territory thanks to consolidated offices in Milan, Madrid and Paris.[1]