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Born: 1966





Yves Carlin starts to study guitar at the age of 8 and study drumming at the age of 9 at the academy of La Louvière and Morlanwelz. He followed his studies at the Royal Conservatory of Musique of Mons where he got a Superior degree in guitar and drums and a first prize in chamber music. He has been a percussionist for the Symphonic Orchestra of RTBF from 1985 until 1991.With this orchestra, he got the opportunity to play in Charleston, North Carolina and in Germany and to participate into several TV shows and record. He has also worked for the National Orchestra of Belgium and for the Chamber Music Orchestra of Wallonie. His resume gives him the opportunity to play with Odair and Sergio Assad, Jean-Felix Lalanne, Enrico Macias, Jean Vallée, Jeanne Manson, Sandra Kim and many others. He has also worked under the direction of Léo Brouwer. Yves Carlin teaches classic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar and the drums.

Works for Percussion

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