Cave Dance

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Glenn Kotche

General Info

Year of Published: 2013
Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
Series: Percussion Performance Series
ISBN: 978-0-7390-9585-0
Level: Grade 8
Cost: $4.99


Snare Drum
Foot Pedal Instrument (Bass Drum / Cowbell / Woodblock)


Cave Dance by Glenn Kotche is a unique and spirited solo for snare drum. This solo, inspired by flamenco dance performances in Spain, calls on the player to stomp their foot, play on the rim of the drum, and click their sticks in the air all in order to convey the style of these performances. This piece is rather quick, making it a great piece for high-level intermediate players or advanced performers.

Notes from the Composer

"Cave Danceis inspired by flamenco dance performers that I experienced in Malaga, Spain. These dramatic, flamboyant, and virtuosic performances take place in the Sacromonte district caves, which have been converted to Romani entertainment venues. This piece is derived from recordings that I made featuring various combinations of folk dances strung together into a performance(hence, the constantly shifting tempos and feels that occur within this piece). Some of these dances featured female dancers and some male, some were with instrumental accompaniment, and others were backed with just hand claps or castanets. The foot pedal instrument (bass drum, cowbell, woodblock, or foot stomp) called for in this piece is meant to emulate the frequent and very percussive foot stomps of the dancers, while the rapid stick clicks are meant to evoke those times when the dancers pause awaiting applause from the audience. The parts written to be played on the rim of the snare drum can be substituted for another percussive timbre (closed hi-hat, woodblock, bongo, etc.)."

Recent Performance

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