Concertino for Solo Percussion and Band

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Jack Stamp

General Info

Year of Published: 2011
Publisher: Neil A. Kjos Music Company
Duration: 00:10:40
Cost: $75.00



Timpani & Marimba & Vibraphone & Snare Drum & Bass Drum & Tom-tom & Cymbal

Wind Ensemble

Woodwind: Flute & Oboe 1/2 & Soprano Clarinet & Clarinet 1/2/3 & Bass Clarinet & Alto Saxophone 1/2 & Tenor Saxophone & Bariton Saxophone
Brass: Trumpet 1/2/3 & French Horn 1/2 & Trombone 1/2/3 & Euphonium & Tuba
Percussion 1-6: Glockenspiel & Xylophone & Shaker & Vibraslap & Cabasa & Snare Drum & Guiro & Agogo Bell & Bass Drum & Bongos & Congas & Triangle & Tambourine & Crash Cymbals


Concertino for Solo Percussion and Band was commissioned by the Tar River Choral and Orchestra Society of Rocky Mount, NC. It was commissioned for their Symphonic Band, honoring the retirement of their long-time conductor, Harold Jones. The work was premiered in November, 2009 by the Tar River Symphonic Band with Jonathan Wacker serve as soloist. The composition was designed to feature a fine percussionist on a fairly difficult solo part, but with a band accompaniment palyable by a college or a good high school ensemble, thereby affording the solo percussionist a vehicle to tour to various schools.

Recent Performance

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