Cooman, Carson

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Carson Cooman


Born: 1982

Country: Rochester, New York, USA




Carson Cooman (b. 1982) is an American composer with a catalog of hundreds of works in many forms—from solo instrumental pieces to operas, and from orchestral works to hymn tunes. His music has been performed on all six inhabited continents in venues that range from the stage of Carnegie Hall to the basket of a hot air balloon. Cooman’s music appears on over forty recordings, including more than twenty-five complete CDs on the Naxos, Albany, Artek, Gothic, Divine Art, Métier, Diversions, Convivium, Altarus, MSR Classics, Raven, and Zimbel labels. Cooman’s primary composition studies were with Bernard Rands, Judith Weir, Alan Fletcher, and James Willey. As an active concert organist, Cooman specializes in the performance of contemporary music. Over 300 new compositions by more than 100 international composers have been written for him, and his organ performances can be heard on a number of CD releases and more than 5,000 recordings available online (representing the work of more than 700 composers). Cooman is also a writer on musical subjects, producing articles and reviews frequently for a number of international publications. He serves as an active consultant on music business matters to composers and performing organizations, specializing particularly in the area of composer estates and archives. For more information, visit[1]

Works for Percussion

A Prayer in Spring (2012) for Soprano and Marimba
Bearing (Cooman) (2011) for Glockenspiel (Orchestra Bells)
Bells for Pauline (2016) for Chimes (Tubular) and Clarinet
Cerulean - Percussion Duo, Orchestra
Fanfare Canon (2011) for Percussion Trio: Snare Drum, Temple Block, Wood Block
Frequent Flyer (2005) for Alto Saxophone, Marimba, Piano
Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear (2000) for Clarinet, Trumpet, Xylophone, Piano
Gridwork (2019) for Taiko Drums, Marimba, and Organ
In memoriam Liana Alexandra (2011) for Flute and Two Gongs
Moon Shards (2007) for Alto Saxophone, Horn, Trumpet, Percussion, Piano
Mountains Like These (2007) for Vibraphone
Night Wind (2021) for Vibraphone and Four Flowerpots (one player)
Sourdough Serenade (2013) for Trumpet and Glockenspiel
Surly Bonds (2009) for Drum Set
There Will Be Stars (2011) for SATB Chorus, Percussion Quartet, Piano
Treasury of Blessings (2015) for SATB Chorus, Hand Drum, and Cello
Where All the Ladders Start (2008) for Trumpet and Vibraphone