Corghi, Azio

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Azio Corghi


Born: March 09, 1937

Country: Ciriè, near Turin, Italy

Studies: Turin Conservatory (1961), G. Verdi Conservatory, Milan

Teachers: Brunno Bettinelli

Azio Corghi, who was born in Cirié (near Turin) on 9 March 1937 and trained at the conservatories of Turin and Milan (where he was a pupil of Bruno Bettinelli), has a catalogue that by now embraces a forty-year period, encompassing a series of different seasons in the history of music. The path he has followed is an original one, often clearly distinct from those pursued by the colleagues of his own generation. Indeed it is perhaps precisely because of the eccentric, non-organic place he occupies that his work succeeds in absorbing and responding to certain unavoidable demands of the contemporary musical experience. Nor is it very surprising that his production achieved full realisation some thirty years after his first experiences in composition; that is, with the important group of works created around that epochal year of 1989. For, leaving aside the apprentice pieces of the late Fifties, Corghi began publishing his works in 1963. In 1966 he won the "Ricordi-RAI" competition with his Intavolature; from ... in fieri (1969) onwards certain pieces were accorded an international hearing; with Symbola in 1971 he embraced the fundamental medium of electronics; in 1974 he approached the avant-garde theatre with Tactus; in 1977 ballet made its appearance with Actus III; and finally, in 1982 he had his work performed in Paris by the Ensemble InterContemporain. It was a quarter century, therefore, during which Corghi the composer progressively widened the horizons of his interests, while at the same time continuing to devote energy to his work as a teacher (a series of chairs at the conservatories of Turin, Parma and Milan from 1977 onwards) and musicologist (the critical edition of L’Italiana in Algeri).[1]

Works for Percussion

Actus IIIPercussion Trio; Percussion (3); Voice; Tape