Cuban Concerto

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Edward Freytag

General Info

Year: 2006
Duration: 00:04:40
Difficulty: Advanced
Publisher: Row-Loff Productions
Cost: $45.00



Snare Drum


Player 1: Vibraphone
Player 2: Marimba 1
Player 3: Marimba 2
Player 4: Timbales
Player 5: Crash Cymbal & Splash Cymbal & China Cymbal & Vibraslap & [[Cowbells & Claves
Player 6: Bongos
Player 7: Congas
Player 8: Bass Guitar
Player 9: Drumset

Performance Notes

The solo snare drummer should be place up front in center stage with ensemble surrounding. If possible, turn the stage lights off and leave a spotlight on the solo snare drummer during the cadanza with a fade-up during bars 98-99. In bars 19-29 the Vibraphone may only play the top voice and Marimba 1 may play the bottom voice for ease of execution.




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