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Website: https://dhalmann.fr/music/en/




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In the 1980s François Dhalmann integrates Les Percussions de Strasbourg as general manager and technical director. For five years he traveled most of the scenes of the world and rubs closer iconic composers of the twentieth century, accompanying them in their creative work: Iannis Xénakis, Maurice Ohana, Claude Ballif, Mauricio Kagel, Pierre Boulez, Yoshihisa Taïra, Ivo Malec, John Cage, Georges Aperghis, Luis de Pablo, Julio Estrada, Gérard Grisey, Hugues Dufourt, Michael Lévinas, Henri Dutilleux, Wolfang Rhim, Francis Bayer, François-Bernard Mâche…

A few years later, he joined Rythmes et Sons and participates in the development of the company for fifteen years. In 1999, with this experience, he founded P’hill Publications, music shop specializing in percussion and creates the first website dedicated to this discipline. It was also at this time that he invented and co-founded the Percu’bus, mythical bus that toured Europe for four years with onboard music library and workshop of mallets by Pierre-François Resta.

Over many discussions and meetings with composers, musicians and educators, the idea is needed and he creates his publishing house: Editions Francois Dhalmann. Since 2008, with a team of collaborators, he devoted himself entirely to the editorial activity and develops a coherent catalog for all instruments and all courses (orchestra, chamber music, opera, etc..). He then returns to his passion for contemporary art and signed with composers such as Gilbert Amy, François Rossé, Bruno Giner, Thierry Blondeau, Eric Fischer, Bernard de Vienne, Daniel Tosi, Sylvain Kassap, Nicolas Vérin, Karl Naegelen, Jean-Luc Rimey –Meille, Edson Zamprohna … All these artists, well established in the beginning of XXI century, offering a demanding repertoire while incorporating a pleasure dimension: pleasure of playing for the performer and pleasure of listening to the audience.

Its importance is also given to the educational dimension by offering “music for learning” from composers or teachers being recognized and share their innovative experiences closer to instrumental practices of today.

Alongside his music publishing activity, François Dhalmann created in 2010 a literary publishing imprint, Istesso Tempo, which presents works whose action is at the heart of the music world.

Involved in defending the rights of creators, François Dhalmann is member of the board of directors of the Society of Authors and Music Publishers (SEAM). He is general secretary of the French music publisher association, la Chambre syndicale des Editeurs de Musique de France (CEMF).

The publishing house is located in Nice on the French Riviera.[1]