Elysium (Edward Freytag & Trey Cokeroft)

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Edward Freytag & Trey Cokeroft

General Info

Year of Published: 2015
Publisher: Row-Loff Productions
Series: Foremost in Marching and Concert Percussion Literature
Difficulty: Advanced
Duration: $00:03:17
Cost: $50.00


Player 1: Electric Piano
Player 2: Synthesizer
Player 3: Marimba 1 & Suspended Cymbal
Player 4: Marimba 2
Player 5: Marimba 3
Player 6: Vibraphone 1 & Suspended Cymbal
Player 7: Vibraphone 2 & Chimes
Player 8: Field Drum
Player 9: Snare Drum (Piccolo)
Player 10: Snare Drum (Concert)
Player 11: Marching Tenors
Player 12-17: Gong & Wind Gong & Bass Drum & 4 Concert Tom-toms & Wind Chimes & Impact Drums & Triangle (Small and Large) & Crash Cymbals
Player 18: Drumset
Player 19: Timpani


"Elysium" is defined in Greek mythology as the abode of the blessed after death. Each life lived can be thought of as simply a journey from birth to Elysium. Each journey, as unique as it may be, shares two similarities...moments of peace and harmony and moments of distress and discord. Some feel that even in moments of stress, the peace and harmony is still present but gets overshadowed by the discord. This piece co-written with Trey Cokeroft for large percussion ensemble represents that journey. Beautiful harmonies and melodies throughout with a cohesive element of groove underneath exudes the peace of still waters in our lives while the underlying rudimental statements made by the drummers appearing from time to time lead to dynamic impact points that bring to mind those times of turmoil when our lives seem to be out of sync. The final moments of the composition are free of discord and truly peaceful as are our final breaths as we pass to Elysium. For a serene, reflective moment in your concert, make “Elysium” a part of your presentation.

Suggested Mallets Choices

Marimba 1 & 2: Medium Hard Yarn Mallets
Marimba 3: Medium Yarn Mallets
Vibraphone 1 & 2: Medium Rattan Mallets

Recent Performance

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