Essential Techniques for Drum Set

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Ed Soph

General Info

Year: 2001
Edition: 1st Edition
Publisher: Meredith
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The Essential Techniques for Drum Set is an interductory level comprehensive study of the mechanics and popular theory of standard drum set playing. Ed Soph constantly is stressing on the awareness of the physical movements of the player, while reminding the player that in order to learn “how” to play the drum set one must be constantly thinking of the motions. With photographs to refer to, he starts with how to properly grip the stick and the fulcrum, and then introduces the flowing movement coordination of legato strokes. The exercises are rather basic for developing an understanding of each specific drum, with syncopated drum grooves and rhythms. At the back of the book he provides a triplet rhythm coordination matrix, for further practice that serves as an rubric for more personal practice.


Student Reviews

"The goal of this method book is to familiarize the player with the complex set up of the drum set, while also keeping musical ideas close to the player. Through repetition of basic movements and concentration of movements he provides a clear and practical approach to the drum set, however this book is not a means to mastery and a more in-depth and elaborate method book may be necessary." - Denver Ridgway


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Soph, Ed. Essential Techniques for Drum Set. Galesville, MD: Meredith Music, 2001.

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